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Squadron Commander's Notes

To the members of Oakridge Composite Squadron,

Hello cadets! In case you weren't there, last squadron meeting (May 17th) we learned Color Guard and some drill, including how to report. We also had a communications lesson where we did an activity practicing to talk over short distance radio. Some cadets also learned to fly the simulator. 
Next week (May 24th), we will have a character development lesson and activity. We will have a short leadership lesson and it is promotion night. Also, we will have our first monthly Cadet Planning Meeting. Cadets, this will be an opportunity for you to say your input on what activities you want to do in June. Bring in all your ideas! Think of what lessons or activities you want to see done in our weekly meetings. Or maybe you have ideas of what we could do for weekend activities. Your ideas don't always have to be CAP related.  One of the things we will be discussing at this meeting is Squadron Patch ideas. Bring your drawings and ideas for one and we will be able to discuss them together (below is the link for patch regulations).  Your input is very valuable so PLEASE make every effort to be there.

The UOD (uniform of the day) will be Blues. Please bring water.
Let me know if you have any questions and if you will be attending.

Here is a link to the Oakridge Composite Squadron where we have our schedule and other important info:
And here is the link for Civil Air Patrol patch regulations: 
I suggest you look at it if you have an idea for a design.