Deputy Commander

Timothy S. Waddell, Maj, CAP

Major Tim Waddell is Deputy Commander of the Oak Ridge Composite Squadron, Unit TN-170.  Previously, as Squadron Commander, Maj. Waddell is responsible for ensuring that the objectives, policies, and operational directives of the Tennessee Wing and Group 1 are effectively executed within the squadron.  Maj. Waddell is the Civil Air Patrol representative to the local community and the Oak Ridge Composite Squadron's geographic area of operations, which encompasses Anderson, Roane, Morgan, Scott and parts of Fentress Counties.
Joining CAP in 1999, Maj. Waddell has held multiple positions at the squadron, group and wing level.  His operational and staff assignments include tours as Deputy Commander for Cadets, Logistics Officer, and Emergency Services Officer at the squadron level, as well as Supply Officer and Emergency Services Officer for Group 1, and Emergency Services Training Officer for Tennessee Wing.  Maj. Waddell holds Emergency Services qualifications as a Mission Observer and Ground Branch Director, as well as several other mission staff specialties.
Maj. Waddell has completed numerous CAP professional development courses, including the CAP Officer Course, Squadron Leadership School, the Corporate Learning Course, as well as several FEMA courses on Incident Command and Federal disaster response.  He holds a Master rating in Emergency Services, a Senior Rating in Logistics, and Technician Ratings in Administration, Cadet Programs and Inspector General.
Having completed through Level III of the CAP Professional Development Program, Maj. Waddell has received the Benjamin O. Davis award as well as the Grover Loening Aerospace Award.  Additionally, he has been decorated with the Disaster Relief Ribbon with V device and two bronze clasps for Presidentially declared disasters, received numerous Commander's Commendations, Unit Citiations, and was named Emergency Services Officer of the Year for the Tennessee Wing.
Maj. Waddell holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Tennessee Technological University, and currently works as manager for a nuclear manufacturing company with responsibility for facilities and security.